SciComm FAQs


SciComm FAQs

Check out the following FAQs about SciComm which will not only help improve your writing for our contests, but also help you venture into your own SciComm journey! We will be adding more periodically.

Science writing is an exciting field that combines communication and science by allowing scientists to write about their research or anything that interests them. Science writing holds a great importance in our society, especially today, since some science writers aim to educate both other researchers and the general public about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our science writing competition offers a fabulous opportunity to explore a science field and present your work in a sophisticated manner. Not only can you practise your research skills, you also get to learn as you write and develop your communication skills.

Make sure it is a topic wide enough for extensive discussion, possibly with room for experimentation and critical analysis. Also make sure it is something you are genuinely passionate about as this will improve the quality of your writing to no end as you will be inspired to write and research!

An abstract is a summary of your piece that can stand alone. In other words, the reader should be able to get a gist of your piece without having to read the entire piece through the abstract. An abstract usually ranges from 150-200 words and does not include specific data, but rather, general trends and patterns. Since an abstract appears at the top of a scientific piece, it serves to give the reader insight into what the rest of the piece will be about.

There are many great resources to help you with your references. Purdue OWL is a great website to get started, or you can ask a teacher at school or a guardian to offer you advice.

Feel free to contact a mentor - the list of mentors is within the mentors page on this websiteIf you pay close attention to structure, use accurate and consistent referencing, have original points, your writing is clear and has focused objectives, you are bound to stand out!