All submissions must be uploaded by February 9th, 11:59 pm EST. Submissions will be accepted starting December 5th. There is no cost of entering the competition.

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Competition Rules

Contest Rules

Eligibility & Essay Topics

Students from age groups 13-15 and 16-18 are welcome to enter! Students can work in groups of up to 3 people. Articles must fall into one of two categories: Impacts of COVID-19, COVID-19 Vaccine Development, and COVID-19 Crisis Management (think: if I was a community leader, what steps would I take to mitigate COVID-19?), and should be under 800 words.

Entries must have a title and be typed with 12 pt Times New Roman font. Essays can include graphics (such as graphs/statistics/images) and must be cited properly if found off the internet. See Competition Rules for more guidelines.

Awards & Recognition

Awards will be the same for both age groups

FIRST PLACE: Publication of piece in Cellfie Magazine, opportunity to give virtual presentation on a topic of their choice, opportunity to become a Sci4Teens Ambassador.

SECOND PLACE: Publication of piece in Cellfie Magazine, opportunity to give virtual presentation on a topic of their choice.

THIRD PLACE: Publication of piece in Cellfie Magazine.

GRAND PRIZE: Mentoring session with a representative from Impact Media Lab.


Grand Prize:

Alzheimer's Disease: Neural Changes and the Pre-Clinical Gap

Science 13-15:

1st Place: Potential Solutions to the Growing E-Waste Crisis

2nd Place: Never Underestimate your Gut

3rd Place: Gene Therapy: a Scientific Phenomenon

Science 16-18:

1st Place: Dysregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow as a Major Factor of Cognitive Decline in Astronauts

2nd Place: The Gut Microbiome

3rd Place: The Effect of Vitamins and Minerals on the Immune System

Engineering 13-15:

1st Place: Implementation of Precision Agriculture in Underdeveloped Countries

2nd Place: How Luigi Introduced me to Artificial Intelligence

3rd Place: Energy Challenges and Global Warming

Engineering 16-18:

1st Place: A Neuroprosthetic Solution for Parkinson's Disease: Decoding the Human Mind

2nd Place: The Golden Ratio & its Impact on the Design of the Universe

3rd Place: Deep Reinforcement Learning: How AI can Become More Powerful