Our Mission

Sci4Teens recognizes that teens across the globe are passionate about STEM. However, they often need guidance on how to communicate their research and understanding. As a result, Sci4Teens provides opportunities for students interested in STEM, humanities, and science communication. We offer contests involving writing, art, infographics, informative workshops, and newsletter. We aim to inspire teens to communicate their work and apply these skills in their future careers.

Meet the Executive Team!


You may work either individually or in a team of maximum three members.

Your piece can be a blog-style article that addresses COVID-19 effects, vaccine development, or crisis management!

The contest judges are professionals in the field of Science Communication. The process is double-blind and so there is no conflict of interest.

Workshops will present STEM/Science Communication topics that are beneficial for both your contest preparation and future!

Contact us at info@sci4teens.com if you'd like to be an interviewee, and we will respond to you with the important details!

Contact one of our mentors from the mentors page on this website! Also, check out our recently added SciComm FAQs!

You can send an email at info@sci4teens.com with your question.